Thursday, November 21, 2013

Being able to Regenerate Parts, Beneficial?

It would be beneficial to be able to regenerate parts like planaria worms because then there would be no need to suffer and be in pain in order for something to heal. Also being able to regenerate can help the death rate decrease and allow us to live longer than the regular life span. However, being able to regenerate parts means that it would also take a long time and could be painful to look at or bear making the idea of being able to regenerate parts not beneficial. Even though the whole population may benefit from the ability to regenerate parts of the body it may have bad effects too.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pandemic 2 Blog

I wasn't successful in creating a pandemic since there were survivors in Peru, Argentina and Madagascar because the diseases did not spread fast enough into the country and before the disease could infect anyone they closed off the transits, airports and ship routes too early. My methods of transmission was by rodents, insects, waterborne and airborne. The initial symptoms were fever and sweating. My pathogen being a bacteria evolved by spreading to different regions and increasing the symptoms such as nausea, blinding, heart and liver failure and many more without actually having a working vaccine/cure to it. The difference between a bacteria and virus pathogen is that a bacteria is able to spread faster than a virus and the cure to a virus is more easier to be found than to a bacteria since viruses are something that can easily grow and be figured out.

Isolating the source place from other places and providing nearby places with masks and support is the best strategy that saves the most people while sacrificing a few. Since the disease will not be able to spread anywhere besides within the same place providing vaccine to only one place would be less expensive and life threatening.