Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How Recipes Are Similar to Procedures #3

Recipes are similar to procedures since you have to make sure you follow each and every step carefully so that the product does not come not wrong or something that you would not expect. Doing a step wrong in a procedure is similar to doing a step wrong in a recipe since it affects the way your product looks and how it maybe tastes or perhaps the way it was supposed to be/look. If you miss a step or perform the wrong measurement for a procedure you end up with the wrong result just like how when you make a wrong measurement or step in a recipe causes the result to end up tasting bad or just looking different from the real product. Procedures are meant to be followed step by step and so are recipes. Any small or big mistake gives the result a odd and confusing result. Both of them should end up similar or exactly as someone who performed the same task and should not be different.

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