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Guild Big Ideas- Hot Zone Synopsis

Sarah A.
Crystele K.
Kathryn L.
Brian L.
George L.
Period 4

Guild- Big Ideas
Synopsis on Hot Zone:

       In Hot Zone it explains the concepts of the Ebola virus, How it came to be and what it does to the body of animals and humans once inside their blood. The Ebola virus originated from the monkeys that came from Uganda which were then imported to Europe and then to Germany spreading the virus around and killing many. The medical army scientists took up the task on how the virus spread from one to another through monkeys. These scientists routinely took notes on the monkeys status in the different zones and dissected the monkeys that died because of the virus to find out what the Ebola virus did to the monkey's body since they are similar to humans and tried to find out the cause of the virus.
      One of the army scientist was Nancy Jaax who was a woman that everyone believed that she should be involved in their medical research on the Ebola virus. She was a strong-willed woman who did her best to prove that she was a good researcher. She could use her feet to do almost anything since she was trained in martial arts. She was a strong, determined, committed and confident woman who believed in herself and these characteristics make her a strong person. However even though she had many strong points for a army researcher she also had some bad characteristics. She had hand motions were "too quick" to handle delicate work in the dangerous situations thus making it dangerous to work with the Ebola virus. Her hands looked clumsy and nervous thus showing the bad characteristics of her working as a researcher. Also when in certain situations she tend to be reckless and thoughtless such as when she was opening the can with a butcher knife thus making it inadequate to work as a army medical researcher.
       In order to go into the different levels of Ebola containment you need to go through certain precautions. In order to go from level 0 to 2 they had to put on a sterile surgical scrub suit with a cap, so the hair is even tucked in, first with all their clothes and even their underwear. When they entered the Level 2 zone with bare feet they had to put on white socks and then go into Level 3. When in Level 3 they put on baby powder on their hands and the latex rubber surgical gloves. After they had to tape up their gloves to thee sleeves of the scrub suit and their socks to the trousers to seal up the open spaces so nothing can go in. Before entering the Level 4 they had to put on a Chemturion biological space suit which was a heavy-duty pressurized plastic suit that met government requirements for work with airborne agents. The suit had brown- rubber gloves that were attached by gaskets at the cuffs since the hands were most vulnerable part of the suit because of what hey handled. They also had to wear a helmet that provided uncontaminated air when the Level 4 zone. After all these precaution then only can one enter the Level 4 zone.
      Since Nancy Jaax was in a hurry she did not inspect her suit carefully. During the dissection she found that there was a cut on the suit on the wrist of her right hand where she had cut herself with the knife. She quickly fled and took off everything and went into the decontamination shower. She was worried about her children and her life itself. When she came out she quickly found that her last glove was still intact and the cut on her hand did not have contact with any of the infected Ebola blood. She survived and it was considered a miracle since she was very lucky, it was a miracle. She was the first to not have had contact with the virus even though her glove was cut and the infected blood went through. Soon after the incident the researchers found that the Ebola virus traveled through the air.
Chemturion suit
Ebola Virus

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